Collision Repair Services in Edmonton and the Surrounding Areas

If your vehicle has recently suffered a collision, you may want to know just how much the overall repairs will cost you. For this, you can choose Chris Auto Group for instant estimates and auto body services. We can restore your vehicle of any make and model, whether the accident has left you with scratches and dents or major restorations and frame repair requirements.

We will work with your insurance company for any necessary auto body or mechanical repairs. Call us today to schedule your collision repair estimate at our Edmonton body shop.

What to Do Before You Get a Collision Estimate

Any motor vehicle accident, no matter how big or small, will have a unique impact on your vehicle and your life. Though you may be shaken right after a wreck, some simple steps can help you put the chaotic situation in order while protecting you physically, legally, and financially. The right actions will benefit you at the scene, and later, with your insurance company and auto body shop. Before you even come in for a collision repair at our Edmonton garage, we want you to hear this advice from Alberta legal advisors and the Edmonton Police Service.

Here is what you must do if you are involved in an auto collision:

First, just stop. Check for damage and injuries. Leaving the scene can be an offence.

Call the police if:

  • Any of the vehicles is not drivable.

  • Someone is impaired.

  • A driver doesn’t have proper documents.

  • The vehicle damage is serious – over $2,000 combined.

If someone is injured, call 9-1-1. Leave the vehicles where they are. Step away from the road and traffic.

Even for damage under $2,000, exchange driver information. Take photos and witness accounts if possible. 

For insurance and legal protection: 

  • Don’t admit fault right away.

  • Don’t offer to pay for damages or accept money.

  • Don’t argue with the police or the other driver.

  • File a collision report with the police if combined damage is over $2,000.

Affordable Collision Repairs

Let us give your car a complete makeover within your budget!

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